Safest Streets to Bike It in ‘Center City’

curated by @bikeitphilly

Biking around the city can be one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities you can do. Especially if you want to get around the city quickly and efficient. Unfortunately, a lot of Philly’s streets aren’t the most bike friendly. We partnered up with Bike It Philly to highlight the most rider friendly streets to bike on.


City bike rentals are clunky. And other bike rental options are limited. Bike It Philly is the first peer to peer bike rental platform in Philadelphia that is built for an amazing bike rider experience.

Going East in Midtown

Pine St

A spacious and occasionally guarded bike lane. Only downside is you do get the occasional double parker that will force you to go into street.

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Going North or South between E Passyunk & South Street

11th St

A dual lane and guarded bike lane that goes from East Passyunk (around Acme) to South Street.

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