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Gold + Water Co.

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Written by Maggie

Chartel is the owner and CEO of GOLD + WATER CO., a boutique soapery offering handcrafted soap, bath, and body products. Chartel was looking for inspiration during a particularly difficult time in her life during 2019, which is when GOLD + WATER CO. was born. Currently, her business is an online store only; however, there are a handful of brick and mortar stores throughout the region that carry her products. 

Chartel is excited about the press and success GOLD + WATER CO. has accumulated over the past two years, but her proudest accomplishment has been forming deep, authentic connections with customers and fellow business owners throughout the city of Philadelphia. We asked Chartel about herself, her business, and why she chose Philly as her home base for GOLD + WATER CO.

Meet Chartel.

Why did you choose Philly for your business?

Although I was not born and raised here, Philly is the home that I was able to choose for myself as an adult. As such, it is where I choose to do business and the option to do so elsewhere has never crossed my mind.

What is your inspiration and vision for GOLD + WATER CO.?

My inspiration for starting and continuing the business is the thought that another person might get to experience respite, regardless of their life’s circumstances. I love the idea that, for instance, taking a moment to indulge in one of my Salt Soaks or to intentionally apply a creamy Body Butter, someone else has the opportunity to care for themselves in a decadent way. My vision for the business is to scale and grow at a wise and reasonable pace for myself.

What is something you wish all your customers knew about GOLD + WATER CO.?

It is our goal to remind our customers that “You Are The Luxury.” I believe wholeheartedly in the products that I sell and I am equally as excited that they are poised as reminders of just how special the people using them are. 

What is your favorite product you sell and why?

My current favorite products are our handcrafted soaps and body butters, in “Santalum.” The fragrance is a warm, sophisticated blend which includes notes of patchouli and sandalwood, which evokes a feeling of safety and security for me.

If you could offer one piece of advice to new entrepreneurs, what would it be?

Give sufficient time and attention to the legal needs of your business, connect with and support your peers, and enjoy the process! 

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