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Local Crawl: Miracle on 13th Edition

Estimated Time: 1 Hour | 3 miles

A Holiday Walk to 13th Street

Here’s a “self-guided” walking path that takes you through multiple neighborhoods, amazing eateries, sights & shops all leading up to the Miracle on 13th Street. We created a custom google map and called out some highlights below. This is the perfect way to spice up your daily walks.

6 stops, 18+ local spots and 3 miles (round trip) curated by @localmember.co

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Stop #1

Rodman Street Flags

a cute street half a block north of South Street, with houses lined with flags of all kinds.

photo taken by @localmember.co

Places Nearby

Pretty Green Terrariums

Seger Dog Park

Magic Gardens

Stop #2

North Italian Market

As you stroll down 9th street check out the park, good eateries and some hidden murals

photo taken by @localmember.co

Places Nearby

Angelo’s Pizzeria

Chapter House Cafe & Gallery

The Expressive Hand

Stop #3

Italian Market Center

the center of the Italian Market has a mix of restaurants, shops and DiBruno’s holiday market.

photo taken by @localmember.co

Places Nearby

DiBruno’s Brothers

Talluto’s Authentic Italian Foods

Fresh Produce Market

Stop #4

South Italian Market

the “south” side of the Italian market has some of Philly’s famous spots to eat with a bustling park/playground

photo taken by @localmember.co

Places Nearby

South Philly Barbacoa

Pats and Genos

Capitolo Playground

Stop #5

The Singing Fountain

East Passyunk St is filled with a variety of amazing shops, restaurants, bars and more

photo taken by @eastpassyunk

Places Nearby

Urban Jungle

Bing Bing

Good Buy Supply

Stop #6

Miracle on 13th

This one block of Philly features more Christmas decorations than you usually see in entire neighborhoods

photo taken by @wooder_ice

Places Nearby

Mighty Bread Company

Palizzi Social Club

Faragalli’s Bakery